Jan 31st – May 31st (Mon) – CMAT Syllabus 2018 | CMAT Exam Syllabus

CMAT Exam Syllabus 2018 | CMAT 2018 Syllabus | CMAT Syllabus AICTE does not have a defined syllabus for CMAT exam 2018. Following are the major topics to be covered in each section of CMAT. Language Comprehension CMAT 2018 defines its Verbal Ability section as Language Comprehension. It covers comprehensive English test which includes the test of grammar, tenses, vocabulary, jumbled paragraphs and reading comprehension. Key topics from which you may expect questions are – usage of Articles, Non-finite, dangling modifiers, Nouns, Pronouns (Especially relative Pronouns), adjectives, adverbs, prepositions –regular and followed, verbs, Syntax, Subject-verb Agreement, Simple, continuous, Perfect tenses and Conditional-unreal past. from Jan 31st till May 31st Weekday Mon Website https://www.yosearch.net/mba-admission/cmat-syllabus/