Jan 18th – Apr 30th – Strategic Marketing Course at MICA the Best Choice

Strategic marketing course is a rigorous program that will sharpen your business marketing skills, including organizing, designing, executing and evaluating different marketing challenges in global business environment. Strategic marketing course at MICA prepares the candidates to think strategically and makes you learn how to manage business proactively with a high focus on the long-term marketing strategy rather than reacting to the day-to-day hiccups. The course makes you explore the gigantic marketing challenges, such as impact of social media on brand management, marketing commoditization and low-price competition. Under the guidance of expert and experienced faculty, students at MICA will also learn to build a marketing plan, develop a brand strategy and the ways to evaluate new markets. The program is designed for the executives who have to effectively implement the marketing tactics. The basic analytics skills to understand and analyze markets and competition help in improving the formulation of marketing strategy by the aspirants. To get idea of the college and strategic marketing courses offered visit here from Jan 18th till Apr 30th