Dec 1st – Mar 31st – Diploma in Entertainment Management a Smart Career Move

Entertainment management is perfect for the candidates who wish to work in the management and business side of the entertainment and music industry. So if you dream of a career as an Event Manager, Artist Manager, Booker, Festival Organizer, Venue Manager or Publicist, a diploma in entertainment management from MICA will help get you there. During the course, MICA faculties will teach you the fundamentals of entertainment management, from negotiating contracts, to preparing marketing briefs and working with intellectual property and copyright. At MICA, you will be mentored and taught by the industry experts who are currently working in the touring companies, music bands, and record labels. A diploma in entertainment management offered by MICA guides the candidates through the many developments and complexities in the entertainment industry, full of generous first-hand skills from industry experts and culminating in internship training with a related organization. With ongoing technology upgrades, advanced-design campuses, a network of top class lecturers and a dedicated team of academics and industry experts, we at MICA are committed to ensure that our graduates make their own indelible mark on entertainment industry. To get better idea of the course and its career scope visit here from Dec 1st till Mar 31st