Dec 22nd – Mar 31st – Strategic Management Course in India for Better Future Prospects

Strategic management is one of the most vital ‘hard skills’ in business management. Strategic management course India at MICA prepares you to think strategically and primes you with the comprehensive skills and knowledge to enhance your managerial effectiveness across all industries. In strategic management program at MICA, you will learn how you can manage projects and businesses proactively with a high focus on long-term strategy, rather than reacting to day-to-day hiccups. With guidance from he experienced and qualified faculty members who ensure that the business strategies they deliver are relevant and sharp, students at MICA will also develop their understanding of how external and internal industry forces influence the implementation of strategic decisions. This course offered by MICA also focuses on business acumen, strategy development and crucial leadership skills. Practical, meaningful course discussions and projects are also offered to the candidates at MICA to help them apply their course concepts to the challenges and realities they face in their organizations. To get aware of the courses available visit here from Dec 22nd till Mar 31st